The company

Since 1983, Auro acts as the pioneer of the natural paint branch and has been successfully expanding its market presence since then. Certified products, developed by specialized technicians, meet highest technical standards for all fields of application, e.g. construction, renovation, care and maintenance.

Auro guarantees well-engineered high-quality products, based on consistently ecological and clean raw materials. This is confirmed by test results published in Germany’s most renowned consumer magazines, one example being the “test winner?result for Auro’s Woodstain No. 160 (test May 2006).

In order to secure the highest possible product transparency for our customers, the products are self-produced in Auro’s factory locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Consumers and professional painters in Europe, as well as in Asia and the USA, highly appreciate Auro’s pollutant-free quality products.

In Germany, Auro distributes through a net of 700 retailers and professional painters who are advised by 11 regional representatives. Worldwide distribution is carried out by importers in  Europe, Asia and the USA, the export share being 45% of total sales.