Breathe again and feel well with AURO Airfresh wallpaint !

The main purpose of a wallpaint is to beautify rooms. A new generation of wallpaint offers much more than the visual advantages of a fresh coat of paint. AURO Airfresh wallpaint combines a pure white surface with the permanent degradation of pollutants, smells and germs. Thus a pleasant room climate is maintained.

For more details see the topical sheet and the technical data sheet.

Presently, Auro is the only producer of a certified photocatalytical, room air purifying wall paint made from renewable raw materials.
The photocatalytic effect has been tested and certified by the Institute for Technical Chemistry in Hanover/Germany. The feedback coming from enthusiastic users shows that the product not only meets but in many cases exceeds expectations.

If another proof for the efficacy of the Airfresh wallpaint was needed, here it is: We just received a certificate from the SIMT (Shanghai Institute of Measuring and Testing Technology) stating the product's very high potential to degrade even formaldehyde.
This is a fantastic result, especially because the formaldehyde was not just absorbed but really degraded.

AURO certified as “carbon neutral company?/span>
Solar raw materials and responsibility for the world climate ?a perfect combination  

Plant materials are accumulated solar energy and, in a perfectly closed material cycle, neutralise CO2 that would otherwise damage the climate. The consistent use of renewable raw materials has thus made AURO a pioneer of active climate protection for decades. Vegetable raw materials are per se climate neutral because, over their complete life cycle, they bind exactly the sum of CO2 that is set free during their biological degradation. 

Now AURO AG have rounded off their company concept that has been distinguished many times before: As first paint producer worldwide AURO was certified as "carbon neutral company" by the prestigious Climate Neutral Group (CNG). Unlike similar certificates the CNG method registers all CO2 relevant activities of a company.

Now the part of CO2 emission that is inevitably caused by production energy, business trips or the energy used on the AURO staff’s way to work has been calculated and compensated for in a neutral and objective procedure. The complete company now has a perfectly balanced CO2 record and does not contribute to the carbon dioxide load damaging the climate.

Scientists have been warning for a long time: The climate changes that have taken place over the last two hundred years have diverse effects on nature. The rise of the average European temperature since 1861, for instance, amounts to 0,95 °C which is the strongest rise in the northern hemisphere in 1000 years. 

The consequences are dramatic: Glaciers are melting and periods of extreme heat and drought will become more frequent. It is expected that all parts of the world will be affected.

This development is caused by man-made interferences with the natural greenhouse effect. The continuing man-made emissions of additional greenhouse gas unbalance the natural warming of the earth’s surface and thus disturb the complex global climate system.

Germany has assumed the obligation to save 21% of climate-damaging greenhouse gases (mostly CO2) until the period between 2008 and 2012, the basis being the level of 1990.  

AURO has been leading the way by using renewable raw materials and solar energy in its production. We have received many important certifications and prizes for our exemplary concept of sustainable and environment friendly raw material, product and company policies. Now we continue to set good examples by the neutralisation of operational CO2 rest effects.

AURO’s compensation balance will be used by the Climate Neutral Group to preserve tree populations and plant new trees. These strictly controlled measures contribute to the natural degradation of CO2 by means of photosynthesis.

All forests included in these projects are certified according to the FSC label that is supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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