New Cleaning & Care assortment by AURO

You know AURO as the leading producer of consistently ecological paints. Besides the mainstay activity of natural building paints, we have been offering cleaning and washing products under the brand name AWALAN for many years.

At the beginning of the year 2007, we started a project that was designed to combine the high technological standard of AURO products with the valuable experience we have gathered in the field of household cleaners and care products.  We have introduced a group of high-profile household products under the AURO brand. These products are made from pure natural raw materials like all our products but are different from the AWALAN range or the cleaners we have in the AURO assortment.

The new household assortment consists of highly specialised products that meet particular requirements. In Germany and several other countries, there is a trend to substitute “universal?cleaners by specialised cleaning and care products adapted to the concrete problem the customer has. These products are explicitly recommended for the special purpose they were developed for, and only here they show their full effect.

You will find a description of each product in our folder "Cleaning, Care & Maintenance".
Test our new products: You will be delighted!

For Kitchen & Bathroom
Oven cleaner
No. 660  
Kitchen degreaser
No. 651
Stainless steel cleaner
No. 663
Mould eliminator
No. 412
Mould stop
No. 413
Sanitary power cleaner
No. 652
For furniture & floors    
Tile cleaner
No. 658
Intensive furniture care
No. 662
Plastics cleaner
No. 664
Garden furniture cleaner
No. 811
Terrace cleaner
No. 801
Sticker remover
No. 659
Linoleum cleaner
No. 656
Linoleum care
No. 657