What houses dream of

A house should be more than just a roof over one’s head: The inhabitants want a place with a unique atmosphere, a focal point for life that offers visitors an impressive vista.
Solid wooden floors are the loveliest and best way to create the basis for such a home.

 Wood is a material taken from living nature. Not only is this fact impressively visible, it can also be felt every time you touch it. With the increased incidence of allergies and respiratory diseases in modern society, this ancient material is more up-to-date than ever. Solid wooden floors can be cleaned simply, quickly and thoroughly. Treated with natural products, their open pores store moisture, which can then be restored to the room air as needed.

Fine floor waxes and oils from AURO are the first choice for natural protection of the naturally grown material wood in order to enjoy its advantages for a lifetime. Our formulas have been tested and improved for decades to care for your floors with pure vegetable and mineral essences processed by us in accordance with the principle of minimum contamination affecting humans and the environment.